[distcc] "failed to exec: No such file or directory" error

Dainius (GreatEmerald) pastas4 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 09:18:31 MDT 2012

I'm trying to get distcc working using a cross-compilation toolchain,
but I keep hitting this error. I have no clue why that is, too.

The situation is like this: I have a host machine, openSUSE x86_64,
and a target machine, Gentoo i686. I set everything up according to
the Gentoo documentation, and used crostool-ng to make a
cross-compilation toolchain on the host machine. Both connect fine,
but when the target sends the files to the host, I get this error (on
the host):

  (dcc_execvp) ERROR: failed to exec i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc: No such
file or directory

However, there surely is such a file. I can execute it from the
terminal just fine. I looked over the distccd documentation, and
thought that this problem may arise from the fact that it's skipping a
directory it believes to be a masquerade one (as the
i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc file is indeed a link, because crosstool-ng by
default creates the binaries with the i586-pc-linux-gnu- prefix, and
not i686-pc-linux-gnu- that the target sends). But setting
DISTCCD_PATH to include the directory didn't help at all, it still
gives me the exact same error.

Another idea I had is that perhaps there was something I didn't do to
get the cross-compilation toolchain working correctly. I just compiled
it and added the path (in my case
/home/dainius/cross/i586-pc-linux-gnu/bin) to the DISTCCD_PATH. But
then I wouldn't know what it is...

So, what could I be missing here?

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