[distcc] How to view compile error output

Edmund Yan edmundhyan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 12:25:29 MDT 2012

I'm using pump on 3.2 and ran into some problems.  First of all, I have
some absolute file paths in my includes, which is fine without distcc/pump
because it is mounted over NFS.  Distcc takes care of it by preprocessing
locally.  In the end, it all builds correctly, but I get the annoying
warning message:

WARNING include server: Preprocessing locally. Include server not covering:
File: ...': Filepath must be relative but isn't: '....h'. Consider setting
INCLUDE_SERVER_ARGS='--unsafe_absolute_includes'. for translation unit '...'

I wanted to speed things up, so I tried enabling absolute include paths,
but the compile is now failing remotely.

WARNING include server: absolute filepath '....h' was IGNORED (correctness
of build may be affected)
distcc[10114] ERROR: compile ... on remotehost/8,cpp,lzo failed

The distccd logs are not anymore helpful:
distccd[10114] (dcc_job_summary) client: ip_addr COMPILE_ERROR exit:1 sig:0
core:0 ret:0 time:725ms ...

Is there any way to see what the compile error was?  I've turned
on DISTCC_VERBOSE on the client side and added '--verbose'' to all distcc
daemons and checked the logs without any luck.
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