[distcc] Using a weaker machine or not

Αναστασίου Γεώργιος ganastasiougr at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 06:06:59 MDT 2012

These days i am trying to setup distcc in order to improve compiling time
for my desktop's gentoo installation.Right now i have 3 servers(all 3 are
clients too),all of them use Gentoo,the first desktop is using amd athlon
II x4 630(4 cores),the second one is athlon II x2 240(2 cores),and the last
one is amd e-350(2 cores).This order is from the strongest to the weakest
cpu i have in my own.

I have done some benchmarks in order to see if it is possible athlon II x4
630 can be helped by the other 2 cpus,but i dont see any improvement...

My benchmark was to count the compiling time for (emerge -e
binutils)....and the makeopts i used was -j11(5 for localhost,3 for athlon
,and 2 for e350).

Any my question is,is it possible a weaker machine to help a stronger
machine?If yes,then how??
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