[distcc] 2 questions about lsdistcc

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Tue Feb 28 18:21:29 MST 2012

On 29 February 2012 09:46, Alex Mohr <amohr at adobe.com> wrote:
> 1) Current lsdistcc requests cause the following on the distccd hosts on
> OSX:
> 2/28/12 2:43:27 PM distccd[3885] (dcc_readx) ERROR: unexpected eof on fd4
> 2/28/12 2:43:27 PM distccd[3885] (dcc_r_token_int) ERROR: read failed while
> waiting for token "DIST"
> 2/28/12 2:43:27 PM distccd[3885] (dcc_r_request_header) ERROR: client did
> not provide distcc magic fairy dust
> 2/28/12 2:43:27 PM distccd[3885] (dcc_job_summary) client:
> OTHER exit:0 sig:0 core:0 ret:108 time:0ms
> Is anyone aware of the issue?

I guess this is because lsdistcc connects and then immediately drops
the connection.  It's harmless.  Maybe the server shouldn't stress
about it (ie it should treat an immediate hangup as just a single INFO
level event.)

> Another issue, is that I was trying to compile lsdistcc into my app however
> rslave_shutdown was never written.  Anyone try fixing this?

I don't know about that.


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