[distcc] Problem with distcc under Suse‏

Black Sirius black_sirius at hotmail.de
Tue Feb 14 06:57:29 MST 2012

I have another question for my understanding.

I have a server with the IP I installed the distcc-server and client packages on it. According to the name of the *server package, I suppose that it is the server. 
That's also the PC on which i start the make progress.

On the client with the IP I only install distcc-3.2 and add the host list.

I have supposed that the MAKE has to be started on the server. Is this correct or do I need to start the MAKE on the clients to make it work? Does the server split the MAKE on the clients or the other way round? 

And where i can change the standard port from distcc before the installation?

thanks in advance

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