[distcc] Distcc Network Manager for OSX

Alex Mohr amohr at adobe.com
Mon Nov 7 14:39:00 MST 2011

So the process has become much more complicated with legal since the last
time I released open source at our company (> 1 page of process), however
I've made some progress (I actually have permission from director).  I'm
going to ping the legal team again as it seems my request got lost and I
was pulled into a demanding project the last month.

I have been still working on distcc Manager on my spare time and adding
features. Its been running continuous builds now for several months
without a glitch and I've ironed some things out with Lion.  The next
thing I was hoping to get working was compiling xcodeprojs that have
precompiled headers enabled (it currently gets confused with gch/pch

I'll have another update soon!  Thanks for the patience and reminder!  I
really want to get this out there!

On 11/3/11 6:50 AM, "Łukasz Tasz" <lukasz at tasz.eu> wrote:

>Hi Alex,
>Are there any news about releasing this software?
>thanks in advance
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>From: Alex Mohr <amohr at adobe.com>
>Date: 2011/9/13
>Subject: [distcc] Distcc Network Manager for OSX
>To: "distcc at lists.samba.org" <distcc at lists.samba.org>
>I've written a UI based tool (+ minimal mysql db + php service page) for
>our group that allows users to register/unregister themselves to a local
>pool of machines. I created it to be a fairly brain dead way of users to
>take advantage of distcc on their machines for unix based builds (android
>NDK works great).
>The tool provides the following functionality:
>* Live central registry of machines in network
>  * Includes adapter you'd like to bind with
>* Dynamic jobs available updating for all machines on network based on CPU
>usage + available RAM
>   * ~/distcc/hosts file continuously updated with machines + CPUs
>available per machine to avoid defaulting to localhost compile if remote
>machine busy with other jobs(C)or machine is not reachable.
>   * Dock Icon shows how many CPUs are available, or how many you're
>actively using if your have active compile(s).
>* Central storage, distribution, and management of toolchains
>   * Toolchains are automatically distributed and mounted amongst all
>machines on network as compressed dmg
>* Live statistics of all jobs across entire network
>* Auto updating of tool.
>TC=Total Compiled, TPP=Total PreProcessed(C)These are currently not very
>accurate, I hope to get much more accurate results by tying directly into
>distcc stats.
>Just checking if there's enough interest for me to start the process of
>open sourcing it.  I have a lot more ideas for optimization.  Below is a
>fairly screenshot that each client receives(C)I'm thinking of eventually
>moving a lot of the stats to a server php to avoid network traffic.
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