[distcc] IPv6 support in distccd?

Vanush Misha Paturyan misha at cs.nuim.ie
Fri Jun 10 10:34:34 MDT 2011

Fergus, thanks for the prompt reply.

On Thu, 9 Jun 2011 14:44:25 -0400 Fergus Henderson <fergus at google.com>

> You need to configure distcc with --enable-rfc2553 for IPv6 support.
> Then the syntax should be just standard IPv6 address syntax,
> e.g. see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIDR_notation.
> The relevant function is dcc_parse_mask() in src/access.c
> (and dcc_check_address()).

I completely forgot to mention the version I was using: I was trying to
make IPv6 work on distcc 3.1 as included in Gentoo's portage tree
(3.1-r5). It does configure distcc with --enable-rfc2553, but (and
correct me if I'm wrong) chokes on any CIDR prefixes bigger that /32. 

Sorry for all the noise, but at least this email might pop up next time
someone searches for IPv6, distcc and Gentoo.

I will try to compile svn version over the weekend, and check if Gentoo
have a bug report/feature request for distcc.


Vanush "Misha" Paturyan
Senior Technical Officer
Computer Science Department
NUI Maynooth
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