[distcc] planning distcc 3.2 release soon

Alastair Rankine arsptr at internode.on.net
Wed Apr 6 19:00:57 MDT 2011

On 07/04/11 00:56, Fergus Henderson wrote:
> I'm going to make a new release of distcc soon.
> If anyone has any outstanding patches that they want to include,
> now would be a good time to send (or resend) them to 
> distcc-patches at googlegroups.com <mailto:distcc-patches at googlegroups.com>.

Just FYI my patches to the include_server seem to work well in my 
limited testing but are not yet suitable for merging into the distcc 

The main problem is that the optimisations I've made could be 
problematic in (very) unusual cases, hence should be capable of being 
disabled/enabled (depending on default) at a user level. Also there are 
some boost-specific optimisations which would need to be explicitly enabled.

I don't imagine it would be too difficult to provide user-level access 
to these features, and this would make it (IMHO anyway) suitable for 
merging into distcc.

What timeframe are you thinking about? I can probably get this work done 
in a week or two.

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