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Daniel Pepper pepper at facebook.com
Thu Sep 9 17:27:47 MDT 2010

great to hear.  I’ve been using open source for years, but would like to do some contributing as well.

After digging through all the distcc logs and getting confused as to what happened when, I wrote a patch to prefix everything with a timestamp.  should I send that your way?

Also, I’ve been using distccmon-text to view what distcc processes are doing, but noticed discrepancies as compared with `pgrep distcc | wc –l`.  even after enabling DCC_PHASE_STARTUP state tracking, it still looks like there’s entries missing.  any idea what there’re up to and how to better track them?



On 9/8/10 12:49 PM, "Fergus Henderson" <fergus at google.com> wrote:

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 6:26 PM, Daniel Pepper <pepper at facebook.com> wrote:
Hi developers,

I’m investigating distcc for large scale compilations at Facebook.  From looking through the websites on distcc, it looks like the project doesn’t currently have tons of momentum.  Is there still interest in development, and if so, how can I get involved?

I'm still reviewing and accepting patches.  You can post patches to distcc-patches at googlegroups.com.
Of course it is good to discuss design first, and this group is a fine place for that.

Also, I noticed that trunk has a few features that 3.1 does not – is it considered stable?

Yes, the trunk is fairly stable. Naturally it won't be as widely tested as an official release, but I considered it stable enough to use for a recent build that I made for internal use here at Google.
If there is significant demand for it, I can make a new official release.




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