[distcc] can distcc speed up the compilation of a single compilation unit?

Mihai Moldovan ionic at ionic.de
Sat Sep 4 20:32:32 MDT 2010

Yeah, sure, I was just waiting for his response.
Even the compilation of one file can be sped up, if the other client is 
fast enough. Though, this may not always be true. Imagine the 
compilation itself takes very little time, but preprocessing ages. In 
this case, only distcc pump mode can drastically speed the process up, 
as in normal mode preprocessing is done on the local machine anyway.

No idea though, whether transferring all those stuff actually has no 
impact, though.

So unless the local machine is really, really slow and the clients 
incredibly fast, I doubt whether installing and setting up distcc makes 
up for the saved compilation time. :p

* On 05.09.2010 04:11 AM, Brother Railgun of Reason wrote:
>> So, unless you've got only one file, distcc (at least theoretically)
>> speeds up the build process.
> Actually, even if there is only one file to compile, distcc can still
> speed up the build on a slow machine, by handing off the compilation to
> a much faster compute server on your network, if you have that server
> specified as the first (i.e, preferred) distcc host.

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