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Eric Keller keller.eric at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 07:47:08 GMT 2009

Hi Tomluan,

Yes it is possible to execute distcc on Windows operating system, but
not from scratch...
You may install cygwin on a Windows computer with the distcc package.

Afterward you will just need the following files:
distcc.exe (4 host)
distccd.exe (4 server)

you can add all this files into an directory and declare it in your
%Path% variable.

Now most of the Windows make do not natively support distcc because
windows can not handle /cygdrive/
So you got to possibilities:

1. using cygwin to compile your project.
2. writing a wrapper to you compiler call (see example.c) where you
define the path of your compiler.

now you should be ready to define the following environement variables:

CCACHE_DIR=c:/tmp/ccache (optional just if you want to use CCache)

you can launch the distcc on your servers:

distccd --allow  --allow --daemon
--log-file=c:/tmp/distcc/logdistccd.txt --nice 6 --no-detach

in a hosts file (located in DISTCC_DIR) do not forget enter your
different hosts starting with localhost.

I hope this could help you

Sincerely yours


2008/10/8 Tomluan <tom-luan at hotmail.com>:
> Dear friends,
> The software of distcc is very good and nice tools for distribution
> compiling.
> I am a new user of distcc and get a question for it.
> I just found the installation packet for several linux OS.
> Is it possible to execute the distcc on  windows operation system ??
> Thanks lot for your help.
> Best Regards.
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