[distcc] distccmon loses track of a task after 60 seconds.

Francis Leblanc fleblanc at matrox.com
Fri Oct 31 14:26:11 GMT 2008

Hi everyone,

First I'd like to say that I've been very impressed about distcc since I started to use it, thanks to everyone that worked on this project.

So I've found this little annoying bug in the monitor apps. Distcc is still working perfectly thought.
Both distccmon-text and distccmon-gnome fail to show the process of files if the compilation lasts more than 60 seconds.
In my case, using alot of templates with -O3 makes gcc slog !

It seems that the monitor apps have a timeout of 60 seconds, in case the worker has been killed : 
(thank you google code search !)

trunk/src/mon.c:74  const int dcc_phase_max_age = 60;

A new feature that could be added in the monitor is to add a second optional param,
the max_age (or timeout) for compilation... but it seems that the 60 seconds timeout is also hardcoded in stats.c ... :-|

Or would there be another way to know that the workers have been killed ?
Is it the only reason distcc is using this 60 seconds timeout ? :)

Francis Leblanc

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