[distcc] invalid compiler path error

nac nac at measure-zero.jp
Mon Oct 27 15:51:51 GMT 2008

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 15:28:28 -0400
"Fergus Henderson" <fergus at google.com> wrote

> You'll need to use compatible versions of distcc on the client and the
> server.
> I recommend using distcc 3.0 on both client and server.

Thanks a lot.
Now I just follow your advice, and they work well.

> For 3.0, make sure that the cross-compiler that you want to use is listed in
> the "commands.allow.sh" file (e.g. /etc/distcc/commands.allow.sh).

Is command.allow.sh mandatory?
I just run distccd with command line ($ distccd --daemon) on MacOSX, it
seems it isn't needed.


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