[distcc] Problem about Distcc on Windows not cygwin to compile ARM project

Feng Tan feng.tan at revoview.com
Tue Oct 7 06:42:29 GMT 2008

Hi, All


       I have made Distcc support Tcc (ARM ADS). But I have met some problem
when used Distcc (3.0) on windows console not Cygwin to compile ARM project.

Distcc only connect 4cpus (more than 20cpus have been provided as servers)
when ran even if I changed make -jN (N=32 or bigger) and the compiling is OK
without errors.

I tried other dual core computer instead of this four-processor one and the
Distcc only connect 2cpus.

It seems that the number of computers that Distcc tried to connect is equal
to the number of the processors.


PS: The Distcc is configured and compiled using Cygwin.


Anyone has some ideas?

Your help will be highly appreciated. 


Thanks very much.



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