[distcc] Mail from distcc issues list

Fergus Henderson fergus at google.com
Wed Jul 30 02:17:45 GMT 2008

Dear administrator of the distcc at lists.samba.org mailing list,

I'm trying to set things up so that new issues reported to the distcc
issues list on distcc.googlecode.com are automatically sent to the
distcc mailing list.
I believe I have the issue tracker at distcc.googlecode.com correctly
configured to send emails do distcc at lists.samba.org, but I suspect
that they are being
bounced because the emails appear to come from
"codesite-noreply at google.com", which is not a member of the
distcc at lists.samba.org list.

Would it be possible for you, the list owner, to manually add
"codesite-noreply at google.com" as a member of the
distcc at lists.samba.org, or as a permitted


Fergus Henderson <fergus at google.com>

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