[distcc] problem in pump mode ...

Roberto Alejandro Espi Muñoz raespi at estudiantes.uci.cu
Fri Jul 25 17:19:21 GMT 2008

Hi ... I'm trying to enable pump mode compiling using the new version of distcc.  I declared my DISTCC_HOSTS with the ",cpp,lzo" trailing, and have multiple servers listening to my client.

When I try to compile using pump mode:

# pump make -j40 CXX=distcc

I get these warnings and all my files fallback to my local pc

WARNING include server: Preprocessing locally. Include server not covering: Bailing out because include server spent more than 3.8s user time handling request for translation unit 'xxxxxxxx.cpp'
distcc[24469] Warning: include server gave up analyzing
distcc[24469] (dcc_build_somewhere) Warning: failed to get includes from include server, preprocessing locally

Can anybody help me enable this compile mode??

Thanks ...

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