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Eric Keller keller.eric at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 09:29:07 GMT 2008

On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 4:11 PM, Ian Baker <Ian.Baker at cern.ch> wrote:

> Good afternoon to everyone.  My name is Ian Baker and I'm currently at
> CERN as a technical student working on the following enhancements/changes
> to
> distcc:
> User Authentication
> Implemented through the GSS-API and specified through a command line
> argument to distcc, distccd will be initiated with the appropriate option.
> Initially only mutual authentication will be implemented, at a later stage
> confidentiality and integrity services may be optionally configurable if
> this is something that's needed.
> Service Discovery
> Existing Zeroconf mechanism with the advertisement of specific build
> platforms for targeted builds.
> Targeted Builds
> Command line argument to distcc which causes the appropriate subset of
> servers to be extracted from the Zerconf services list.
> Node Protection
> The --randomize flag should be turned on by default, with the possibility
> of extending this behaviour over slots.
> Monitoring and Accounting
> In addition to standard logging activity authentication information is to
> be written to the distccd log files.  A centralized service is to extract
> these log files and parse their contents, possibly linked to an HTTP server
> for
> browser access.
> Questions and comments welcomed.

Hi Everyone,

I have some other question/suggestion regarding the --allow option in
combination with dynamic ip. Some distcc server are deployed on Developer
PC, which are sometimes shut down or rebooted... The IP address are dynamic!
So I can use the --allow option on a distcc server, but the allowed ip might
no more correspond to the wanted PC!

for example:


distccd --allow --allow --allow

PC1: is rebooted and its IP change to:, This mean that the
PC1 developer is not allowed to use the CompilationServer1.
until its distccd is restarted with the new IP of PC1 in his --allow option!

So the --allow option could/should use the host name not the IP adress!

distccd --allow PC1 --allow PC2 --allow PC3  --daemon


Eric Keller
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