[distcc] Re: PCH support patch for distcc

Fergus Henderson fergus at google.com
Thu Jun 12 14:29:37 GMT 2008

On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 11:41 PM, Sascha Demetrio <saschad at crytek.de> wrote:

> The PCH patch I made is (as I see it) incompatible with the DistCC3 pump
> mode - it requires a local preprocessor run to locate the PCH file.


> The
> proxy-file-mode (create a local dummy include for the PCH in case client
> and server run incompatble GCC binaries) seams a bit odd if we have pump
> mode, which eliminates the local preprocessor run completely.
> A better approach (IMHO):
> 1. Add hash based file caching for _all_ files (similar to the way it's
> done in my PCH patch)
> 2. Pump the PCH file together with the source code - the prescan code
> could easily be extended to include PCH files if present.

Sounds like a good plan.

The hash based file caching should be optional, so that we can measure its


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