[distcc] [PATCH] Updated Avahi/Zeroconf support for distcc

Lennart Poettering mzqvfgpp at 0pointer.de
Sun Dec 30 15:55:49 GMT 2007


I updated my Zeroconf/Avahi patch for distcc (2.18.3):


It has been a while since I wrote the original patch. Changes since
then are mostly replacing code that now moved into the official Avahi
API with calls to the latter.

However, there's also a very important change: We now publish a DNS-SD
service subtype for our distcc service, which includes the GCC version
and machine id. Previously the zeroconf patch would use all distccd
servers it found regardless of their GCC versions or even
architectures. In a homogenous LAN with systems running all the same
distros and having all the same CPUs this is not much of a problem,
but with heterogenous networks this becomes a problem. Since I moved
to Fedora on desktop machines but left some other machines with an old
Debian this became a problem for me.

Please note that Fedora and Debian use different machine strings ("gcc
-dumpmachine"), hence Fedora distccs won't find Debian distccs and
vice versa even if they nominally run the same GCC version. But that's
expected behaviour and the way it should be, because GCC is usually
heavily patched by the distributors! Of course, the information from
gcc -dumpversion still doesn't reflect the distribution's patch
levels, but I implicitly hope that the distributors won't break the
gcc binary interface or the language understood too wildly between
their own patch levels.

I will blog how to use a patched distcc on http://0pointer.de/blog
shortly; watch that space!

Distribution Maintainers, please consider merging this patch into your
distribution's packages now, since distcc maintainership upstream
seems to be, uh..., dormant. Zeroconf support in distcc is such a cool
feature, it would be a pity to deprive your users of it any longer!

Martin, back when we met around LCA 2007 in Sydney you promised me to
merge the patch quickly! It took a while until I found the time to
update my patch for inclusion. But it should be ready now. Martin, how
can I bribe you into actually merging the patch now?



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