[distcc] distcc maintenance

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Thu May 10 04:34:39 GMT 2007

On 5/10/07, Fergus Henderson <fergus at google.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is distcc still maintained?
> The last official release (2.18.3) was on 2004-11-30, and there's no
> publicly available source code repository.
> Looking at the archives of the mailing list, I see a few patches have been
> posted without any response.
> At Google we have a number of patches to distcc that we've been using for
> some time.
> We are also working on some more substantial improvements.
> We would like to contribute these back to the community.

Hi Fergus,

I'm still alive, I just have not had time to do substantial work on
distcc for some time.  I do want to collect up the posted patches and
do a new release.

There is a public Arch repository -- if it is broken please let me
know.  I plan to convert this to Bazaar when I next work on it.

If you're working on more fundamental changes it might be good to
discuss the design here first.


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