[distcc] distccd on multprocessor pc

David Fang fang at csl.cornell.edu
Thu Feb 15 17:00:19 GMT 2007

> Hi, we have been running distccd 2.18.3 on a win xp PC with 4 cpus
> (cygwin env) for months, taking advantage of concurrent compilations:
> it worked greatly.
> Unfortunately some days ago we saw that now only one job is executed
> on 1 CPU, and the others are queued.

	For a multiprocessor, you don't really need distcc, just make -j4
or MAKEFLAGS=-j4 should suffice.

	If you're using distcc anyhow, do you have the DISTCC_HOSTS
environment variable set?  You can specify multiple jobs per host with:

> We tried to restart it with different options and also deleting tmp
> files on both client and server but with no luck.



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