[distcc] hi, help me to increase the compile speed using distcc and cygwin, thanks a lot!

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Thu Oct 5 06:54:42 GMT 2006

On  7 Sep 2006, ? ?? <xiyaxiao at hotmail.com> wrote:
> hello,everyone,dear friends,
>    i want to use distcc and cygwin to increase the compile speed, i meet 
> some problems:
>    1) i use three pc to compile a small project,it cost 35 seconds, only 5 
> seconds shorter than not use distcc in one computer
>    2) i use six pc to compile a large project, i build 12 jobs, but half 
> the time the 
> server cant send the .c source files to others hosts, at last it cost 30 
> minutes, no shorter
> than not use distcc.
>    3) how can i increase the distcc compile speed? it seems that the 
> distcc has strongly 
> relations with the network status??

Yes, it does strongly depend on the network speed; less than switched
100Mbps is marginal.

The other important thing is the characteristics of the makefile or
build system; if it can't parallelize well it limits the possible

Cygwin is pretty slow for some operations commonly used in Makefiles,
that may be the limiting factor here.


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