[distcc] glibc gcc binutils

Hamish Greig hgreig at bigpond.net.au
Wed Apr 12 04:47:06 GMT 2006

This is something I have noted that might save some people troubles, It might 
be worthwhile adding to the FAQ (I have just checked it isn't already there), 
or it might be self-evident and my own lack of knowledge is the problem.

I recently upgraded my cluster to gcc-4.1.0, binutils- and 
glibc-2.4. Three machines all running the same versions, built with the same 
configure switches and dependencies. The problem lies in that one machine 
hadn't rebuilt gcc against glibc-2.4 so it's specs for -fstack-protector 
included -lssp -lssp_nonshared ( the gcc ssp implementation) while the other 
two machines didn't (because glibc-2.4 has it's own ssp implementation).

On a machine with a rebuilt gcc (where -fstack-protector doesn't have any 
associations in gcc's specs), at linking time failures kept occuring because 
of _stack_check_guard not being available in a stripped glibc (apparently 
glibc-2.4 has ssp information in the DWARF sections of ld.so libc.so.6 and 
libc*.a so stripping removed them).  Explicitly adding -lssp -lssp_nonshared 
to the make rules fixed the problem, due to the shared objects compiled on 
the native gcc ssp system requiring that symbol.

Like I said, I don't know if it is because of my own build system being 
unorthodox (stripped glibc) or if it is worthy of adding to the FAQ to avoid 
anyone else's problems.

Hamish Greig

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