[distcc] right...i'm a bit confused.

Corné van Tonder cvt at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Apr 1 18:33:41 GMT 2006

Hi there folks,

I hate to bother you guys with such a trivial matter but I have the 
following problem......

I have a large workstation i want to use as distcc server simply because 
my laptop is bit small for compilations (being the powerhouse that it is 
at 120Mhz).

Here's the thing though, I've got the daemon running on my workstation 
and I'm now ready to test the setup. Right, so here goes.....

$ distcc -o hello -c hello.c

Now, this works great! The file zooms to my workstation, distccd excepts 
and compiles it nicely and sends it back to the laptop.

It then occurs to me, that cc is normally called slightly differently. 
So i did.....

$distcc -o hello hello.c

Well now, this did not work so well. The file was not distributed and so 
it was compiled locally.

This ofcourse means that when I try and compile anything, it's all 
compiled locally only, because distcc is called as per the second 
example, not the first!

If I reverse all this and compile on the server I have no problems, 
apart from the laptop being WAY too slow. So, I'm thinking there must be 
environment problem on my laptop that makes it different from my 
workstation. But, as hard as I try, I can't figure it out!

Anyone have an idea?

Here are my systems......

discc server:

AMD XP2000+ running Slackware 10.2, gcc 3.3.6, distcc 2.18.3

the laptop:

Pentium I Toshiba Satellite Pro 430CDT running DamnSmallLinux current, 
gcc 3.3.4, distcc 2.18.3

Just give me a shout if there's any more info I can add.

In advance, many thanks!


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