[distcc] Problem with distcc doing remote compiles locally

Victor Norman vtnpgh at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 18:46:48 GMT 2006

I am having a problem right now with my distcc not being able to run compiles in which it chooses a distccd that happens to be on the same machine.  Whenever the local machine is chosen, the distcc verbose output shows:

distcc[7434] (dcc_connect_by_addr) started connecting to
distcc[7434] ERROR: failed to connect to File exists

or, after manually having deleted the lock/state directory before starting the compile:

distcc[10729] (dcc_connect_by_addr) started connecting to
distcc[10729] ERROR: failed to connect to No such file or directory

Note: the machine's IP address is, and, to re-iterate, I'm running the compile
on this machine, and have the distccd's running on this machine (as well
as a bunch of other machines).

In the distccd's log file I see this:

distccd[7985] (dcc_check_client) connection from
distccd[7985] (dcc_readx) ERROR: unexpected eof on fd5
distccd[7985] (dcc_r_token_int) ERROR: read failed while waiting for token "DIST"
distccd[7985] (dcc_r_request_header) ERROR: client did not provide distcc magic fairy dust

Any ideas on what is happening here?  I was noticing that 
dcc_connect_by_addr() does not do a close() on the fd ever.  Is this
a problem?



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