[distcc] distcc and ccache over openMosix cluster?

Dror Harel dror at qlusters.com
Wed Feb 22 01:58:22 GMT 2006

Thanks for the answer, Dan,
I actually saw this note before when looking for benchmarks. I am also
able to see similar results in my lab.
My goal is now to find a configuration that will reduce time even more,
and I am interested to know if I should go through the trouble of
setting up an openMosix cluster for that purpose.
Anyone used such a configuration and can share some numbers?

- Dror.

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On 2/9/06, Dror Harel <dror at qlusters.com> wrote:
> Anyone have some benchmarks on how distcc and ccache work when running
on an
> openMosix cluster? I hear that this is faster than if using distcc and
> ccache only (and obviously, much faster than openMosix alone...)
> Any numbers would be greatly appreciated.

Here's one benchmark (without mosix):


Dunno how mosix affects things.
- Dan

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