[distcc] detecting architecture of DISTCC HOSTS ?

Han-Wen Nienhuys hanwen at byrd.xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 19 02:06:05 GMT 2006


distcc rocks!

I use it to distribute compiles on my home network (2 linux machines,
and a Mac Mini), for a custom mini-distribution builder. Currently,
this builder is only uses distcc for invoking cross-compilers
(TARGET-gcc), since the normal "gcc" may invoke the wrong compiler on
the Mac.

I would like to extend my builder to support distcc for non-cross
builds too.  It would be easiest to do this if there were a command

   distcc-info gcc 

that would print out the remote results

  gcc -dumpmachine
  gcc --version

in a format somewhat like


then I could easily alter the DISTCC_HOSTS settings to guarantee that
I don't mismatch GCC versions and architectures.

Is there a way to accomplish this now?

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