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Dongmin Zhang zhangdm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 21:33:59 GMT 2006


We noticed that, in remote.c, it uncork untill the source file has been
send. We think this tpc uncork is kind of late, because 1) if we uncork it
right after we send out all argument, it supposes to increase the overlap of
sending packets and wait_for_cpp, 2) when we send out the source file, it
sends a big chunk anyway. It supposed to be performing better if we uncork
it right after we send all arguments and before we send out the source file.
We did some experiment, but it din't show much difference. So we guess that
is because it spends most of time to compile files. Howerver, this really
improves the perfomance when we do server side caching. So we will change it
in our server side caching patch.


Dongmin Zhang
Compute Science Department,
Texas A&M University
Office: 514F HRBB
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