[distcc] distcc and JAM

Dror Harel dror at qlusters.com
Tue Feb 14 19:32:23 GMT 2006

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the quick reply.
Maybe I should elaborate more about my environment and success so far :)
I have 3 nodes in my test environment right now. I have distcc
configured and working quite well with all the code I throw at it. Well,
almost all code... When I add Jam to the mix, things just stop working
for me, and the processes are all running on the original node. 

Any advise?


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On 2/14/06, Dror Harel <dror at qlusters.com> wrote:
> Does anyone have any references or hints on how to best integrate
> with a build system that uses Perforce's "jam"?
> I'm having some issues with it and distcc doesn't seem to launch
> on the other nodes...

You could start by setting DISTCC_VERBOSE=1 on the client
side.  Be sure to start with the most trivial test case you can,
e.g. compiling a hello, world app by hand using distcc;
once that works, try the same thing with Jam.
- Dan

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