[distcc] DistCC / Multicast

Stuart Longland redhatter at gentoo.org
Mon Feb 6 08:07:18 GMT 2006

Simon B wrote:
> Have you considered using a multicast address for listening?  It could
> be one way of getting around the hassle of having to set distcc hosts..?

One problem I foresee, is if you have machines on the same network with
differing CPU architectures and toolchain versions.

To compile MIPS n32 binaries, I need a toolchain set up for the
mips64-unknown-linux-gnu- CHOST.  The distcc daemon needs to figure out
what toolchains it has -- a i?86-pc-linux-gnu toolchain will not build
MIPS binaries.  AMD64 vs x86 has a similar issue, x86 toolchains will
not produce AMD64 binaries.

Also, scheduling would be an issue.  Certainly some sort of host
discovery would be a nice feature (a `distcc-probe` facility, if you
will), but it'd need to take into account tool versions and targets in
order to work properly.
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