[distcc] Failures running maintainer-check under CYGWIN

Niklaus Giger niklaus.giger at gmx.ch
Mon Jan 9 09:03:40 GMT 2006


I am trying to integrate distcc into our build environment,
where are running Windows XP.
We use WindRiver's version of GCC to cross compile for
PowerPC and MinGW to unit test whatever is possible under
As I was interested into the newest patches for cygwin
and a possibilty to distcc MinGW, I compiled and run
a "make maintainer-check" with the following results:

Debian testing x86 with distcc 2.18.3
All tests: OK

Debian testing x86 with actual trunk (as of January 4, 2006)
All tests: OK

Cygwin with distcc 2.18.3
GccOptionsPassed_Case          FAIL
SyntaxError_Case               FAIL
ModeBits_Case                  FAIL
EmptySource_Case               FAIL
(The ModeBits_Case show only if I run the test on a Novell Netware drive,
but not on the local hard disk.)

Cygwin with distcc with actual trunk (as of January 4, 2006)
BadLogFile_Case                FAIL
CompileHello_Case              FAIL
CompressedCompile_Case         FAIL
DashONoSpace_Case              FAIL
WriteDevNull_Case              FAIL
CppError_Case                  FAIL
BadInclude_Case                FAIL
PreprocessPlainText_Case       FAIL
NoDetachDaemon_Case            FAIL
SBeatsC_Case                   FAIL
DashD_Case                     FAIL
BogusOption_Case               FAIL
MultipleCompile_Case           FAIL
GccOptionsPassed_Case          FAIL
ImplicitCompiler_Case          FAIL
AccessDenied_Case              FAIL
NoServer_Case                  FAIL
ImpliedOutput_Case             FAIL
SyntaxError_Case               FAIL
NoHosts_Case                   FAIL
MissingCompiler_Case           FAIL
ModeBits_Case                  FAIL
It get completly stuck trying to execute EmptySource_Case
(Full log file attached 

If I undo the CYGWIN changes in exec.c (replaced __CYGWIN__ by
__CYGWIN__DUMMY), only the following 4 tests as in 2.18.3 fail
GccOptionsPassed_Case          FAIL
SyntaxError_Case               FAIL
ModeBits_Case                  FAIL
EmptySource_Case               FAIL

Can anybody confirm this behaviour?

I would also suggest to add the following comment at the bottom of 

It is good pratice to submit a corresponding testcase for each new feature.

If you fix a bug please tell which testcases on which platforms are
affected. If now such testcase exists, consider writing a new testcase.

To submit patches please document, on which platforms you were able to "make
maintainer-check" without errors.

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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