[distcc] compilation refusal on excessive load.

Victor Norman vtnpgh at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 5 14:06:01 GMT 2005


My DMUCS system does just what you want -- it gives out a compilation host only
if it is not overloaded.  Check it out, and if you want more information about
it contact me -- I'll be thrilled to help with installation issues, questions,


--- Rob Harris <Rob.Harris at Solipsys.com> wrote:

> Hola. A bunch of us are using distcc here to cut down the compile time
> of our development efforts. It has literally saved us days of time
> waiting on gcc.
> One question though--and it may already have been answered (and if so,
> my apologies, point and flame.) Is there a way you can add a hosts
> parameter such that if the load of a machine is too high, a distccd will
> refuse to the compile the code and the client distcc will pass the code
> to the next system in the hosts line?
> Basically, we have a shared resource here of about 26 machines. People
> use 5 machines at a time for testing. We like using distcc, but we don't
> want to slam anyone's cpu in a performance test, nor do we want to be
> constantly be be rewriting DISTCC_HOSTS. It'd be great if you could say
> something like DISTCC_HOSTS = "localhost foo<1.0 bar<4.0", etc.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks.
> -R
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