[distcc] compilation refusal on excessive load.

Rob Harris Rob.Harris at Solipsys.com
Fri Dec 2 16:33:49 GMT 2005

Hola. A bunch of us are using distcc here to cut down the compile time
of our development efforts. It has literally saved us days of time
waiting on gcc.

One question though--and it may already have been answered (and if so,
my apologies, point and flame.) Is there a way you can add a hosts
parameter such that if the load of a machine is too high, a distccd will
refuse to the compile the code and the client distcc will pass the code
to the next system in the hosts line?

Basically, we have a shared resource here of about 26 machines. People
use 5 machines at a time for testing. We like using distcc, but we don't
want to slam anyone's cpu in a performance test, nor do we want to be
constantly be be rewriting DISTCC_HOSTS. It'd be great if you could say
something like DISTCC_HOSTS = "localhost foo<1.0 bar<4.0", etc.



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