[distcc] Using distcc from several different localhost

Guillon Christophe guillonc at free.fr
Wed Oct 26 01:29:07 GMT 2005

I'm using distcc from my user account and from different hosts at the same 
time (crontab driven nightly builds).
I use a DISTCC_HOSTS which ressembles "localhost foo bar baz" on host1 (one 
of the "localhost"s)
and "localhost oof rab zab" on host2 (the other "localhost").
As my home dir is NFS mounted, it seems that the lock files named 
are in fact shared by the different hosts when concurrent distcc processes 
from host1 an host2.
This is not dramatic but it has the effect that one of the host (host1) may 
"under use" it's cpu as it believe that it has already some compilations 
launched while in fact they run on the other (host2).
Moving the DISTCC_DIR to a local area on each host solves the problem but 
then there is no sharing of the workload anymore which could be useful if 
some hosts are shared by the concurent builds.

I'm wondering if this should be considered as a bug or not.

            -- Christophe

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