[distcc] New program 'lsdistcc'

Daniel Kegel dkegel at google.com
Fri Sep 16 19:30:34 GMT 2005

Short story:

A draft of a program to autodetect distcc servers is online at http://kegel.com/lsdistcc.c

Long story:

Having to configure a hosts file is becoming a big thorn
in my side, so I keep experimenting with various approaches to getting
rid of the hosts file entirely.  I *think* I've got a winner this time.

One of my goals is to avoid promiscuous detection of rogue
distcc servers.  To achieve this, I require that distcc
servers be in DNS with a name following a particular format.
Thus only distcc servers trusted by the DNS administrator
are detected.  (If you have a robot for a DNS administrator,
that obviously won't work, but fortunately we have a human.)

My new solution is to write a little program to enumerate
the servers, and run that in the shell script I wrap our
make utility with.  I think you could also stick the program
right into Makefile with a line like
   export DISTCC_HOSTS = $(shell lsdistcc distcc%d.mydomain.com)
That way autodetection is done fresh before each run of make.

Comments, anyone?

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