[distcc] Do the number of jobs make any sort of difference?

Brian reflection at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 02:23:00 GMT 2005

27 dual cpu processors...

time make -j
	real    1m23.305s
	user    0m18.539s
	sys     0m11.036s

time make -j432
	real    1m24.117s
	user    0m18.721s
	sys     0m11.703s

time make -j216
	real    1m22.376s
	user    0m18.769s
	sys     0m11.508s

time make -j108
	real    1m21.798s
	user    0m18.784s
	sys     0m11.284s

time make -j54

	real    1m24.361s
	user    0m18.479s
	sys     0m11.302s

time make -j27
	real    1m29.849s
	user    0m18.654s
	sys     0m11.530s

time make (without distcc)
	real    3m15.840s
	user    2m57.962s
	sys     0m17.891s

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