[distcc] Looking for access on public distcc hosts

lma1980 lma1980 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 17:47:48 GMT 2005

I'm a newbie with distcc and linux. I have been able to bootstrap (with 
lots of effort) Gentoo. I'm having only one computer on my lan that I 
control, so can't install distcc on the other host. I'm looking for a 
WAN of public distcc (I would grant access to mine also). I would like 
have a vast distributed network of distcc that would be public. It may 
use some ssh. I don't even know if this possible.

Won't it be faster then a laptop and a desktop if we have N hosts? I 
have heard of sub-ether that create a virtual NIC -- as far as I could 
understand. Any body know if it work with distcc?

Looking for spare bogomips,

Hackers are people that wish to unfold secret of life...

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