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Lisa Seelye lisa at gentoo.org
Mon Jun 27 11:57:20 GMT 2005

søn, 26,.06.2005 kl. 13.15 +0200, skrev julius:
> hi,
> i would like to use the "sofa computing" scenario, heres my config:
> client amdxp
> server1 pentium4 / ht
> server2 amdxp
> so -j8 should be a start
> some basis questions:
> 1. -jx should be set on the client right?

> 2. distccd shouldnt run on the client ?
If you wish to use the 'client' to compile for other machines it must be
started.  Remember, one client is another machine's server.

> 3. bash# DISTCC_VERBOSE="1" distcc-config --get-verbose
>      - shouldnt this override the config files?

No. Distcc-config reads from /etc/env.d/02distcc, not the environment.

> 4. whats needed in the DISTCC_HOSTS entry on the client/servers?
>     - client
>        serverip1 serverip2
>     - server1
>        clientip
>     - server2
>        clientip
>    ^- is that correct?

That depends how you wish to configure your network. For each machine
decide what other machine(s) you wish to use in compilation.

> i still have to figure out how the gentoo ebuild setup the masquerading,
> but for the moment i assume that its working correctly.

Lisa Seelye
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