[distcc] Little or no compilation at localhost

Donohue, Michael mdonohue at paypal.com
Fri Jun 10 16:05:53 GMT 2005

I believe the code special-cases the text "localhost"  Try "" instead, to see if a higher slot count gives better results.

The localhost parser sets the slots to 2, and it disregards the slots specified:

static int dcc_parse_localhost(struct dcc_hostdef *hostdef,
                               const char * token_start)
    const char *token = token_start + strlen("localhost");

    hostdef->mode = DCC_MODE_LOCAL;
    hostdef->hostname = strdup("localhost");

    /* Run only two tasks on localhost by default.
     * It might be nice to run more if there are more CPUs, but determining
     * the number of CPUs on Linux is a bit expensive since it requires
     * examining mtab and /proc/stat.  Anyone lucky enough to have a >2 CPU
     * machine can specify a number in the host list.
    hostdef->n_slots = 2;

    return dcc_parse_multiplier(&token, hostdef);

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Martin Pool [mailto:mbp at sourcefrog.net] wrote:

>> simon at samson:~/distcc> cat /usr/local/etc/distcc/hosts
>> localhost
> You'll probably want to set that to localhost/4 as well, since you
> have four logical processors.  In fact /6 or /8 might be better.
> There is a TODO comment to make this automatic.

I tried with /8 without any change to the result.

> Simon, please post the verbose log and the answer should be easy.

It is attached in the e-mail send to Martin Pool, to avoid posting a
binary to the list (and the unziped file is almost 1 MB).


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