[distcc] distcc times out in mid-build

Daniel Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Jun 3 21:56:56 GMT 2005

That seems unlikely.
Please try creating a small test case to show us how to reproduce this problem.
If you can, we'll file a bug against gnu make and get this fixed.

Jeremy Glazman wrote:
> The dependencies are all there, and the program builds correctly without
> parallel make (-j#).  When parallel make is enabled however, the makefile is
> not properly organized and the dependencies are lost.  For some reason in
> GNU make logic, even though the dependencies are there for the binary, it
> tries to build the binary before the dependencies are complete.  I am not
> sure how that is possible, but the -j flag makes it happen.
> I am fairly certain now that it is a problem within the makefile, but I
> don't yet understand what's wrong.
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> Jeremy Glazman wrote:
>>After some more rigorous testing, it appears that the problem is a race
>>condition.  Somehow make (in parallel) is trying to build the libraries
> and
>>the binary that depends on them at the same time. Then when the binary is
>>finished compiling it tries to link, and the libraries aren't ready yet.
> It
>>appears that parallel make in Solaris solves this sort of dependency
> issue,
>>but GNU make does not. The GNU solution is apparently to redesign your
> I would think the GNU solution is for you to add the missing dependency
> to your Makefile.   That doesn't qualify as a redesign in my book.
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