[distcc] Do not allow localhost compile

Daniel Kegel dank at kegel.com
Tue May 31 23:44:34 GMT 2005

Avuton Olrich wrote:
> I have a really slow machine and two faster ones, I am compiling on
> the slow machine and I would rather it be idle than compiled on. I do
> not have it in the get hosts but I do see a few cc1plus in the top
> output and 0% idle. Here's the simple question: Is localhost added by
> default?
> I'm running 2.18.3-r6 (gentoo) and thanks for your time.

Yes, kind of.
I think you want to apply Michael Donohue's "Preprocessing is not free!" patch,
and set  --localslots=0.  (I haven't tried this value myself, and
it's not quite the intended use, but it's plausible.)
You can get the patch from here:

Let us know if it works for you.

The patch works well for me,
and I'm about ready to say that both of Michael's patches should
be applied by the distcc maintainer.
If it works for you, too, that's one more vote in favor.

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