[distcc] solved: Re: Cygwin and DISTCC: how do i point cygwin's distcc to the crosscompiler?

Ryan Churches ryan.churches at gmail.com
Fri May 27 07:45:42 GMT 2005

i used dan's script.

i changed i686-unknown-linux-gnu to i686-pc-linux gnu in i686.dat

i commented out the two lines in getandunpack.sh which gets unpacks
and patches gcc

i commented out the line in all.sh which rm -rf build dir so i could
take my time copying files

on my gentoo box i did a "ebuild /path/to/gcc.ebuild unpack" at
command line, and copied my patched gcc source to where dans wonderful
script expects it to be.

If i used scp to copy the files one by one, besides taking forever, it
would fubar my permissions, and i couldnt make all gcc, so i tarred
it.  if i didnt use gentoo patched gcc i would have to manually apply
the stack protection patch, or some builds would fail.

then i run demo-i686.sh, and voila

as far as distcc, i used the patched source from gentoo again, mostly
b/c i wanted to have the exact same version anyway, and i had to put
my gxgcc in my path and do all the obvious stuff

there was a big craze in the gentoo community (which i missed) with
doing this.  they have a wiki and a once very popular forum thread
about this.

i think this method of doing it is much easier, and i know its less
time consuming.

much thanks to martin and dan for being my translators. hopefully this
post will prevent other gentoo newbs, many too amature for the gentoo
wiki's method, from buggin you about this in the future :)

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