[distcc] On Style - the hosts file

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sat Apr 9 06:10:09 GMT 2005


> If you want my vote, as an end user, we would love to have
> randomization on by default. Since distcc eschews the use of a central
> coordinator, this would be the next-best thing. We have a team of over
> 12 programmers regularly using distcc to build the project. Of course
> we could write a script to randomize host files, but in the grand
> scheme of things, scripting for a compile farm is at the bottom of the
> stack of things to do.

Note that my latest proposed solution allows this, as long as you take
the time to properly fill in your distcc hosts file.

Even if we end up with a command-line switch to enable randomization
instead (which would be just as fine as far as I am concerned), I don't
see how it is a problem that it isn't enabled by default. Presumably you
have a Makefile for your project, which may be easily edited to add
--randomize where needed.

Jean Delvare

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