[distcc] What build system are you using?

nadim khemir nadim at khemir.net
Tue Dec 21 19:34:13 GMT 2004


1/ I am a bit curious about what build system you are using with distcc.

2/ how many boxes do you use with distcc? For how many users and with which
satisfaction level?

3/ How does the curve boxes/compile time look? I did some tests yesterday
and up to 3 boxes, the results looked very good. I added a forth cpu today
and it wasn't as "good". It is not unexpected but I'd like to know how it
looks like at other sites. Adding the 4th cpu made it clear that
pre-processing is soon going to take much cpu on the master box. There is
always the possibility to not use 'localhost' for compilation though we
have looked at remoting pre-compilation to be able to run more
compilations. Is it of any use to have more than, say, 10 cpus if no
distributed pre-processing takes place.

4/ do you use distcc in cygwin?

5/ is someone here interrested in talking build system (this can be outside
the list of course)

6/ Do you know how any list where the subject is build systems (not any
particular one) ?

7/ Does anyone use the ARM compiler and makes multiple compilation from one

Cheers, Nadim.

P.S.: We are also looking at distributing the dependency tree build (can't
wait 50s for it terminate) as well as keeping the dependency tree in memory
between calls. If you have any crazy idea about build system please let me
know, My craziest ideas have been implemented already ;-)

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