[distcc] Re: Re: Using distcc with a new build system

nadim khemir nadim at khemir.net
Tue Dec 21 19:06:21 GMT 2004

Martin Pool wrote:

>> My bad, I have a '-dr' switch in my command line and gcc puts the
>> generated files in the !@#! current directory which happends to be $TMP
>> on a server machine but in my source tree on the client machine.
> OK, distcc (in arch head, will be 2.18.4) now runs anything with -d
> locally.  This will at least make it correct.  Bringing the debug
> output back from the remote machine will require a protocol change.
> (Is it really worth it?  How many people do all their builds with
> compiler debugging turned on?)

IMO, lots of people. I haven't programmed in C for quite a long time but I'd
say around 70% of the time I was running in debug mode. I might be special
as I like to step through my code in the debugger even if it works. I used
non debug compilation now and then to verify that I get the same results as
in debug mode. So yes it is worth it.

I'd like to see -dr support in distcc but I will survive with local
compilations in the mean time.

Cheers, Nadim

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