[distcc] _3632_0: No such file or directory

Perochon Sebastien Sebastien.Perochon at mmarelli-se.com
Wed Oct 20 15:09:10 GMT 2004

As distcc is used under cygwin and so windows too, it will be fine that
distcc read fine files in UNIX and files in MS-DOS formats and not just UNIX
as in 2.16...

So, could someone please write a patch for next distcc release to parse
correctly hosts file both in UNIX and MS-DOS format ? It will be great for
cygwin users...
I have made one that seems working fine:

In the file "hosts.c", function "dcc_parse_hosts", I have added '\r'
wherever necessary as following:

        if (where[0] == '#') {
            while (where[0] != '\r' && where[0] != '\n' && where[0] !=


	token_len = strcspn(where, " #\t\r\n\f");


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De: Jean Delvare [mailto:khali at linux-fr.org]
Date: mercredi 20 octobre 2004 16:19
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Objet: RE: [distcc] _3632_0: No such file or directory

>I finally reproduce the default with DISTCC_VERBOSE=1 in distcc 2.16:
>_3632_0: No such file or directoryRROR: failed to creat
>distcc[1868] (dcc_lock_one) ERROR: failed to lock
>distcc[1868] (dcc_build_somewhere) Warning: failed to distribute, running
>locally instead
>My "hosts" file contain only "ZA005521"
>I'm using distcc under windows (compilation done under cygwin but use of
>distcc is done directly in DOS).

My wild guess is that your host file is a MS-DOS text file with \r\n
for end of lines. Maybe distcc opens the file in binary mode and
doesn't expect the \r. That would at least explains why your debug
output looks bad (you obviously have scrambled lines). I don't think
that distcc says "_3632_0: No such file or directory". Instead, I
think it says "ZA005521", then goes to the beginning of the line
again, they says "_3632_0: No such file or directory".

Or it could be the other way around, distcc opens in text mode and your
file has Unix line terminators. Either way may cause the trouble.

Could you please check the text file format you are using for your
"hosts" file, and try the other one and see if it helps?


Jean Delvare
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