[distcc] distcc 2.18 released

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Fri Oct 15 01:27:04 GMT 2004

On 14 Oct 2004, Victor Norman <vtnpgh at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Because our engineers are on umpteen different networks in our organization,
> all of which is behind a firewall.  I figure that if some hacker is good enough
> to get into our organization, he deserves to be able to use distccd as medium
> for doing more harm.  In any case, once he's in, there are plenty more
> well-known ways to get at stuff.  And, if he uses distccd to run stuff on
> remote machines, then he'll be running that stuff as me (user norman), which
> means he can only do what I can do in the network -- which is mostly just mess
> up my own stuff.  I'm willing to take that risk.  
> It certainly is alot easier than putting about 14 --allow statements in each
> distccd startup command-line.

The /allow mask doesn't need to correspond to the netmask used by the
computers, it just needs to match their IP.  So if you really insist
on it, a /0 or two /1 masks will match everything.

Even my massive employer manages to get by with only about 4 class-A
networks.  Do you really have more than that?

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