[distcc] Problem with distccmon-gnome 2.18

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Tue Oct 12 18:58:06 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I just installed distcc 2.18 and have a problem with distccmon-gnome. I
compiled distcc with --with-gtk (NOT --with-gnome).

When I start a compilation, everything's fine. However, when the
compilation ends, I repeatedly see this GTK+ error:

(distccmon-gnome:12762): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtktreemodel.c: line 1185
(gtk_tree_model_row_changed): assertion `path != NULL' failed

This seems to be triggered by slots not having anything to display. The
messages appear by packets of 4, and I happen to have 4 compilation
slots. I have to close distccmon-gnome to end the storm.

The same problem happens on all of my systems, but it isn't really
relevant since they are very similar (Slackware 9.1). I didn't have the
problem with 2.17.

I checked the sources and I see no relevant changes between 2.17 and
2.18 as far as monitoring is concerned (only #include "state.h" lines
being removed). So I have no idea what can be causing the problem nor
how to investigate any further.

Anyone else noticed the problem?

Any idea what can be the cause of my trouble, or at least where I should
look at?


Jean Delvare

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