[distcc] Results: massively parallel builds, load balancing, etc.

Daniel Kegel dank at kegel.com
Mon Oct 11 17:33:19 GMT 2004

Victor Norman wrote:
> I'd love to hear was others think of this data, and my conclusions.  And, I
> will be posting my Python code as soon as I iron out some ugliness, etc.  If
> you want it with its ugliness intact, please let me know.

Bravo!  Sounds like solid benchmarking of a large group using a large cluster.
Your -j20 results roughly match mine -- we found improvements up to -j12 or -j16
on another largish codebase built using gnu make on a large cluster.

Looking forward to your proxy code.  We may arbitrarily attempt
to rewrite it in C sometime just to match the rest of the system,
but prototyping in python is a great idea.
- Dan

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