[distcc] More requests than distccd's?

Victor Norman vtnpgh at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 19:59:45 GMT 2004

I have a question:

What happens if you have an n-processor machine, you define in one hosts file,
in  say directory ~/distcc1, that it has n "slots" and you define in another
different hosts file, in, say ~/distcc2, that it has n slots.  Then you run two
compiles simultaneously, one compile with DISTCC_DIR = ~/distcc1 and the other
with DISTCC_DIR = ~/distcc2.  

If n is 4, what happens if you run the compiles each with -j4?  In essence, the
machine will be asked via the 2 compiles to run 8 compiles at once.  So, will
(at least) 2 of those requests get blocked?  rejected?  If they are blocked,
then does distcc look for an open slot on another host in the hosts list?

So, another way of asking this question is, "What happens if you oversubscribe
your compilation servers?"



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